Dr. Roz Kelsey
Advocate / Academic / Educator

B.PAS, B.Ed., M.Sc., PhD.


I identify as a White colonializer settler, formally-educated, able-bodied, and body-size privileged cisgendered woman, educator, and mother of two boys having grown up in a middle-class, racially segregated and racist, White, presumably heterosexual, mostly Christian neighbourhood on the Canadian prairies. I have one older, high-achieving brother. My father has a military background and has always worked for a salary outside the home, as has my mother who was a certified nurse. I grew up very unaware of my White, middle-class, able-bodied privilege, and at the same time, very unaware of my own internalized gender oppression that granted my father and my brother advantages in our home. It is necessary to acknowledge that the many privileges and the few disadvantages I have experienced have influenced how and what I see (and fail to see) in the world.


Throughout my career I have been driven to find ways of practically IMPROVING the world around me. My teaching, research and community collaborations have produced many opportunities for learning. I have honed skills in many areas including teaching, curriculum and program development and the implementation of policies to promote inclusion and equity. It is important to me that my work aims to reduce gendered violence, racism homophobia, transphobia and the like. My goal is to go beyond theory and recognition of inequity to find mechanisms to confront it and inspire change.

I am a skilled teacher, curriculum writer and public speaker with excellent communication skills and media relations experience. I have a research background in critical theory, self study, narrative inquiry and discourse analysis. Some of my areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, creating and reviewing policy and procedures, research and reporting, strategic planning and gathering metrics in the areas of inclusion and diversity, gendered violence prevention, race relations and Indigenization.